Typed • Sewn • Confessions

My dear Twitter followers could you please D.M me your confessions.. All messages will be treated with complete discretion. I plan to individually type then up onto paper squares and sew them closed. These are to be used in an art Installation. All messages will stay anonymous. 

I was overwhelmed with the response. The large majority of confessions were from individuals that I had not had any written correspondence with previously. Some mailed me daily with their thoughts and statements and others just posted one sentence. When I initially requested these confessions my avatar was a photographic image of legs strewn upon a bed and I felt this  encourages sexually driven confessions of which my request wasn't necessarily intended for this sole category, so I changed my image to a bland passport type photograph of myself... The confessions then changed to less erotic and more variable in their genre. I received many more than I had anticipated along with photographs of letters and images, telephone numbers and email addresses for more detailed admissions.
I gained some mild criticism in the beginning and this concerned me momentarily, but I feel had I seen a request of this type on Twitter I most definitely would have responded with honesty and fascination. I felt that those that were sending me their secret revelations were of the same variety as myself and Im grateful to all those wonderful strangers that took part in my exploration and trusted me with their personal stories.
Once the messages came in I began typing them up on my typewriter onto individual pieces of paper and then sewed them all closed.