Turning a new leaf ?

Andrew Kötting

Video art has always been a confusing area for me... I feel it's too far outside the realms of normality for any regular person on the street to enjoy, relate to, or even appreciate the technical side to this provocative art form. During my visits in galleries the video arts space is (for me personally) an area to rest my feet, ponder on cooking the evenings meal or re-apply my lip balm.

My friend Anthony who mainly works as a photographer but also occasionally creates films has, in the past few weeks spoke of the video artist Andrew kötting. Anthony has been documenting the progress of one of Kötting's present projects, and recommended his Monday morning lectures to me. I decided to push my prejudices to the back of my scruffy up-do and go to one of his seminars on the subject...

He has the reputation of an extraordinary character ... his lectures are apparently littered with swearing and shouting ... 'artistic touretts' ... 'Rude and shocking' and 'He's like Marmite, you either love him or hate him' were the comments made of his nature...  The lecturers at University and more mature students that I have spoken to all have huge respect for his work ... 

I didn't want to sit at the front ... after all the weird information that i'd gathered of this gentleman I didn't want to be dragged in to a debate, or (god forbid) audience participation...

His lecture was fantastic... the films he showed were varied and beautiful ... from the expensive technicolor variety of footage ie ; Commercial 2006 Coca Cola world campaign (Nagi Noda) - through to an unearthly, macabre film which is set under water ; The Drowning Room  (Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley) of which made me feel incredibly tense and restricted.

Philippe Decouflé was my favourite, I immediately looked up more of his work in the library to watch at home tonight.
Among other artists he spoke of were Nagi Noda (yuki), Gary Tarn (Black Sun), George Barber (Automotive Action Painting) ... I throughly enjoyed being educated in this field.

Im still a little sceptical regarding this genre, but will certainly return for more next monday morning.