My interest in the written word transpired while reading the letters between Simone De Beauvoir and Nelson Algreen. Their relationship developed almost entirely through transatlantic letter writing from 1947 until 1960... Over three hundred letters were written in English between Beauvoir and Algren. Quite quickly the mention of love is declared... She eventually begins to refer to Algren as "my own beloved husband" I found this quite remarkable that such deep affection and trust was placed in his hands so quickly.
The considered word is a powerful tool and can obscure an accurate judgment when gathering a comprehensive account of a persons authentic identity...  Along with the idea of simulated association, where did their relationship exist if the only evidence is the written word for communication and alliance’?’ Is it possible to gather an individuals distinctive character through the use of written words and carefully chosen images?
This 'non-place' existence within modern social networking can be a forum for abuse but also a tool to reach out to the world under a cloak of anonymity... I recently asked my Twitter followers to DM (direct message) me their confessions... 
My Dear Twitter s Could You Please DM Me Your Confessions..These Are To Be Used In An Art Installation. All Messages Will Stay Anonymous..x 

I was overwhelmed with the response. The large majority of confessions were from individuals that I had not had any written correspondence with previously. Some mailed me daily with their thoughts and statements and others just posted one sentence. At first my avatar was an image of legs strewn upon a bed and I felt this was an attraction for sexually driven confessions of which my request wasn't necessarily intended for this sole category, so I changed my image to a photograph of myself... The confessions then changed to less erotic and more variable in their genre. I received many more than I had anticipated along with photographs of letters and images, telephone numbers and email addresses for more detailed admissions.
I gained some mild criticism and this concerned me momentarily, but I feel had I seen a request of this type on Twitter I most definitely would have responded with honesty and fascination. I felt that those that were sending me their secret revelations were of the same variety as myself. 
Once the messages came in I began typing them up on individual pieces of paper and then sewed them all closed.