I am at present studying for my Masters in Fine Art  at Canterbury UCA ... for the past 10 weeks I have attended theory lectures ... and still have another five more weeks of these seminars to go. Steadily over the past few weeks of reading the compulsory and suggested literature, I feel my creativity levels have slowly been drained within my printmaking practice. I haven't produced anything of great importance for the past 4 weeks ... but worse, I haven't had that intoxicating exuberance within the pit of my stomach when pulling a plate through the press ... I understand in order to develop my thinking and concepts I need to expand my knowledge within this genre, however I feel sometimes there are no hidden semiotics, syntactics or pragmatics behind my prints - I just created 
I feel these essays have encouraged a fear in me of producing organic conceptions due to the fact that their philosophy believes each image has so many narratives to unpick ... but surely these are more necessary for the dead artists ? 

I would appreciate your thoughts ... inky.hands@mac.com

Reading ... 

Barthes - Elements of semiology
Benjamin - Naples
Genosko - The place of the signifier
Chandler - Textual Interactions
Deleuze - Postscript on the societies of control
Mirzoeff - Culture
Derrida - Positions
Lotman - Universe of the mind
Deely - Four ages of understanding
Guattari - The three ecologies
Bourriaud - The use of objects
Lefebvre - Seen from the window
Virillio - Expect the unexpected
Pollock - Modernity and the spaces of femininity
Focault - Of other spaces
Baudrillard - Simulacra and simulation 
and many more ...