Greenwich Market

For the past couple of weeks I have bitten the bullet and opened a stall in Greenwich market selling my etchings and illustrations. I had to go for an interview which I can only describe as a prelude to Dragons Den. 
Artisans from all genres of practice queue to be interviewed with their wares in the hope of being accepted for at least the opportunity for a 'trial' day, to prove to the area manager that their creations are worthy of such a fine market. I passed the first test but came away with dreaded foreboding, they liked my work but felt there was an adequate amount of 2D products already available to the people and tourist of Greenwich... I had to prove I was innovative and unique.
I spend the week making illustrations ... I noticed that many of the tourists were oversea students ... These were the ones that would hopefully be my cash-cow. 
Love, of course it the most significant circumstance for this ilk ... along with hating their parents and nobody understanding them ... I scoured teenagers news-feeds on Face-book and other social network sites for ideas and inspiration and knuckled down and produced Ironic, angst-ridden, smootsie, caustic statement cards, prints and photographs... which I must say did what they were supposed to do.
I enjoy the camaraderie and the companionable attitude of all the other workers there, from the beginning I was welcomed and offered advice. I enjoy every part of the day, arriving in the early hours, sipping coffee while waiting to set up the stall... each of which must be completely covered with fabric and lights ... the effort of some stalls is astounding ... one has a chandelier ! (Im a littler envious of her audacious spirit)
When I was growing up my mother had a stalls for a while in The Cut SE1 and The Lambeth Walk SE11(yes it's not just a dance). It was during the late 70's and money was tight ... she worked 3 days making tents next to the London Dungeons and the other 3 days selling haberdashery in the markets ... when I was unwell she would take me with her, I loved being there, In those days it was common place to yell out to the customers and shout out your wares and prices ... I was quite good at making the statements rhyme and it seemed to create a crowd; this lanky kid screaming from her lungs about sponges and stain removers ... thankfully im not so precocious now and use the method of a smile and offer information ... how things have changed